Uniform Policy

Mandatory Dress Code

  • All students in the School District of Philadelphia are required to wear uniforms.
  • Shorts are not permitted until the second week in May. They must have a finished hem and reach below the knee.  There is no exception on gym days.
  • Uniforms are expected during classroom trips.

The Cook-Wissahickon Official Uniform consists of the following:


  • Blue pants
  • Maroon or white shirts with a collar, tucked in – no tank tops
  • Navy blue or white socks
  • No hoodies or jeans may be worn in school


  • Blue skirts, jumpers, or pants
  • Maroon or white blouses – no bare mid-drifts, no off the shoulder tops and no scoop neck collars
  • Navy blue or white socks or stockings
  • No hoodies or jeans may be worn in school


  • Sneakers
  • Lace up or slip on shoes that cover the entire foot
  • No Sandals or flip-flops  are not to be worn to school, these shoes are unsafe


  • No earrings larger than a quarter are permitted in school
  • Large hoop earrings and other large jewelry are not permitted due to safety concerns


  • Shirts that fall longer than the waist must be tucked inside the pants


  • (optional) Navy blue long or short sweat pants and sweat shirt with a maroon or white shirt, t-shirt, or sweat shirt, sneakers