Community Partners

There are many wonderful businesses, university programs, and non-profit organizations that have partnered with Cook-Wissahickon to help our students and greater school community develop over the years.  We are grateful for your support.

2016 School Sponsors
This year we are excited to announce our two School Sponsors, Roxborough Memorial Hospital and East River Bank, both of which have given generously to help us fund our technology and school greening initiatives. We are very grateful to both these local businesses, which are central to the Roxborough/Manayunk community, and encourage you to consider using their services.

Progressive Business Publications
The oldest of our partnerships is with Progressive Business Publications, which has helped our school for more than a decade.  Without the ongoing support of PBP, we would not have our before- and after-care programs, our mentoring program, our Thanksgiving gift cards, our Holiday match program, 8th grade luncheon, and contributions to our choir and green plan, among other resources.  Many benefits have come to us for 16 years now due to the generosity of Ed Satell, CEO of PBP, who is hoping to help encourage other local businesses to partner with other schools and offer similar programs.

iPRAXIS is another organization that makes a huge difference in C-W students’ educational experience.  The 2013-2014 school year will be the third year that our 6th-8th graders worked with science volunteers from iPRAXIS for 12 weeks as they prepared their science fair projects.  Our students worked side by side with scientists from several different scientific backgrounds, which prepare them for the C-W science fair and for the George Washington Carver Science Fair.  The scientists also shared their professional experiences with our students. Hopefully, many of our students will follow in their footsteps!  iPRAXIS’  mission is to open the doors of science & discovery through innovative educational programming. This program works to connect resources and allow more opportunities in scientific enterprise. Last year 7th & 8th graders were the guests of iPRAXIS at this year’s Naval STEM weekend at the  United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Philadelphia University Office of Community Service & Saint Joseph’s University Education Department
Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, both the education department of Saint Joseph’s University and Philadelphia University’s Office of Community Service have partnered with us to send undergraduate students as tutors and mentors in our after-school tutoring program, serving nearly 100 students this year.  Supervised by Cook-Wissahickon teachers, undergraduate tutors from both universities worked with Cook-Wissahickon students throughout the school year, mentoring them and helping them strengthen their reading skills.

Schuylkill River Restoration Fund & Philadelphia Water Department
The Cook-Wissahickon Wissahickon Sustainability Council (a/k/a the Green Committee) received a substantial grant for the native plants meadow, installed in the spring of 2013,  from the Schuylkill River Restoration Fund and a second matching grant from the Philadelphia Water Department and other partners.  These efforts will improve storm-water drainage, create a bird habitat, and provide an outdoor classroom.  Come see the native plants meadow at the corner of Righter and Salaignac Streets near the school’s main entrance.



Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Tree Tenders
The Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Tree Tenders helped us by planting 32 bare root trees (most flowering) along Righter and Salaignac Streets in April of 2013.  The Tree Tenders team did much of the work, but they had help from the Cook-Wissahickon community on planting day.  For the first two years after planting, the young trees will need careful, steady watering, so classrooms will be adopting and caring for the trees.

WePAC  We are grateful to be one of 11 schools that WePAC (West Philadelphia Alliance for Children) has chosen to work with in supporting school library programs.  WePAC volunteers help Cook-Wissahickon students use the school library on a regular schedule, work with the school to align library activities with the school curriculum, and have donated books to our library.